The roots of Erikkilä Nostotekniikkaa Oy are in Vyborg where Toivo Erikkilä, the grand father of current managing director Juha Erikkilä, founded a “company Toivo Erikkilä” (Toiminimi Toivo Erikkilä).


Erikkilä was an export and import agency, having office first in Vyborg, then in Raahe and soon Hamburg, Germany. The company represented cheese- and metal product manufacturers, tar- fur- and leather producers and saws/factories.

1933 – 1976

In the year 1933 the company moved to Helsinki and added its import product portfolio with raw material (lead, copper, lubricating oils), lifting equipments, bicykled, wrist watched and hunting weapons.


From the initiative of Juha Erikkilä the company concentrated in marketing of lifting equipments.

1977 – 1988

By the Finnish entrepreneurship and technical innovations the comany developed and created new innovations. Product innovation PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System is an example of that. The system is used among all in industries like automobile, metal, paper, tyre, wood processing, electroincs, gas and food to increase productivity. The company took care of designing, selling and installation. The manufacturing of the product was taken care by subcontractors.


The company designed a raised bridge construction to light crane system as the first in the world.


The official name of the comapany was changed to "Erikkilä Nostotekniikkaa Oy".


The company started own production of PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System in ERIKKILA factory in Kauklahti, Espoo (Finland).


Product innovation ROBSYSTEM® (robotic cranes) was developed and the application was patented.

During the same year the company started as a first manufacturer or light crane systems to use powder painting of profiles.


As the first western crane manufacturer ERIKKILA founded a subsidiary OÜ Eesti Kraanavabrik in Tallinn, Estonia


The growth of the company required bigger and more modern facilities in Finland. The factory and office moved to Masala in Kirkkonummi, approx. 30 km west from Helsinki.


Company patented ERGOLATOR® Ergonomic Lifting Device.


Company patented PROSYSTEM® push trolley with integrated buffer rubber.


New generation Robotic cranes with bus drivers were designed and delivered including a full customer’s product information database.


ERGOLATOR® Ergonomic Lifting Device was industrially designed and launched in the Hannover Messe in Germany in April 2002. The design was protected.


As the first Finnish crane manufacturer ERIKKILA launced a light crane system made of aluminium.


ERIKKILA launched a new generation PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System to the market..

In addition an overload indicator was designed and patented to the light crane system which made the PROSYSTEM® crane system as the safest light crane system in the world.

As the first in the world the company started to use vacuum packaging of components in PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System.


Erikkilä Nostotekniikkaa Oy was awarded ISO9001:2001-quality certificate and a German DIN 18800-welding certificate.

The company is a member of FEM (Federation of European Material handling Manufacturers) –organisation and participates in the standardisation work of the field by taking part in the developing the first European Light Crane Standard and serving as the chairman of the standardisation group.


Managing Director of ERIKKILA, Mr Juha Erikkilä, was chosen as one of the worlds 50 most influential people in the crane and hoisting branch. (The international factory crane magazine HOIST http://www.hoistmagazine.com/story.asp?storyCode=2035097 ).

ERIKKILA made a strategic decision to concentrate the production of profile products to Finland. The manufacturing of bridge cranes and I-girder jib cranes is concentrated in OÜ Eesti Kraanavabrik. ERIKKILA expanded production facilities in Masala, Kirkkonummi by 570 m2 to a total of 2130 m2.


The company name is changed to ERIKKILA OY and the founder's great grandson Mikko Erikkilä is appointed as the new CEO. Juha Erikkilä becomes the chairman of the board of directors.

A new product family called SPARTAN is published. Covering bridge cranes from 1,6 to 10 tons, SPARTAN is unique in the world with it's wireless controls and cable-free power supply as a standard.   


The Masala factory is expanded by 1600 m2 for the manufacturing of SPARTAN bridge cranes. The total size of the Masala production facility is now over 3500 m2.


ERIKKILA turns 100 years and celebrates the 100-year long travel for the whole year. A book of ERIKKILA's history as a company if published.


On January 31, 2018, Kito Corporation acquired all the shares of ERIKKILA OY in Finland via wholly owned subsidiary Kito Europe GmbH.

Toivo Erikkilä at his desk at Vyborg.

The city of Vyborg in the beginning
of the 20th century.

ERIKKILÄ KY production facilites
in Helsinki, Finland in the 80s.

Overload indicator.

ERIKKILAs first ISO9001:2001
quality certificate.

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