ERIKKILA® Robotic Cranes

  • Capacity from 50 kg to 2000 kg
  • Travel speed of up to 2 m/s
  • Standard grippers for virtually all lifting requirements
  • Patented
  • Spans up to 30 m
  • Travel distances up to 90 m
  • Computer controlled for precision and accuracy
  • Over 150 references for material handling-, collecting- and packaging applications:
  • Plastic box/tray storage and pick up
  • Paper roll storage
  • Paper core handling
  • Aluminum container stocking
  • Cheese container stocking
  • Furniture industry table sheet stocking
  • Indoor logistic center pick up storage
  • An other

The ERIKKILA® robotic systems are an integral element of our extensive know-how of materials handling systems. All product developments are based on our clients' needs. The pre-engineered and flexible system provides an excellent return on investment. This system cuts labor costs and production time by allowing your operation to run 24 hours a day. The system improves work ergonomics and occupational safety by automating dangerous and heavy work phases. Each system is pre-assembled and fully tested before delivery.

ERIKKILA® has been known as a designer of innovative and customer oriented materials handling systems for more than 25 years. Customized solutions that perform reliably under the most demanding conditions have always been fundamental in our operations.

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