This INTEGRATOR® -robot is called CORELATOR® because of its functions. This CORELATOR® is used by a core manufacturer in a curing process where paper cores are placed automatically in a bin to dry at temperatures up to 50°C. When the cores are dry, the system places them into a packing machine. The gripper makes it possible to handle several different rolls of the same diameter (between 90 - 240 mm or 180 - 820 mm) at the same time. The curing area is unmanned and monitored by a video camera 24 hours a day.

The CORELATOR® robot can also be used at paper mills as an automatic charging device for core-cutting saws. In this application, one core at a time is lifted from the transport bin in accordance with the saw operator's instructions. The robot enables continuous operation of the saw and releases one person per shift for other duties.

Load 800 kg
Length 45 m
Width 5 m
Lift 3,3 m
Cycle time /robot 90 s
Driwing speed 1,33 m/s
Lifting speed 0,4 m/s

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