PALETOR® Palletizing

Case 1

This unit of two PALETOR® series robots is used by a computer manufacturer to palletize boxed computers and monitors of several different sizes for supply to customers. The robot recognizes the products and the customer on the box and positions the box correctly on the pallet, when necessary, by rotating it ± 90 degrees. Once the pallet has been filled and taken away, the robot places an empty pallet into the proper location for new palletizing. Previously this process was performed manually by six people. ERIKKILA® PALETOR® can be customized to handle several types of products through a wide variety of standard grippers.

Load 50 kg
Length 2*16 m
Pallet locations 24 kpl
Width 4,6 m
Lift 2,4 m
Cycle time /robot 20 s
Driwing speed 1,66 m/s
Lifting speed 1,25 m/s

Case 2

At this tyre manufacturer, the PALETOR® robot palletizes rolled tyre treads, with heights from 150 to 350 mm, from conveyor to pallets. Using two synchronized grippers, the system automatically places the product at the precise spot on the pallet. This system is fully automated and runs 24 hours a day.

Load 50 kg
Length 6 m
Pallet locations 4 kpl
Width 6 m
Lift 1 m
Cycle time /robot 50 s
Driwing speed 1 m/s
Lifting speed 0,33 m/s

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