EWH Wire Rope Hoist features

Precision engineered hoist gearbox with all gears oil immersed in a cast aluminium gearbox case.

  • Gears permanently immersed in oil safety and reliability year after year
  • Gear train can be viewed through the removable inspection cover

Trolley reaction roller - avoids the need for a counterweight – increases the life of the rolling surface – reduces shipping and transport costs.

  • Eliminate costly counter balance weight
  • Increased wheel life due to lower cross travle loads (reduced hoist weight)
  • Sealed bearing design suitable for dirty environments (maintenance free)
  • Decreased shipping/transportation cost of hoist due to reduced weight and size
  • Caters for beam flanges up to 35 mm

Capacity restrictor measures the load in the hoist mechanism – protects the operator and the machine - Easily adjusted - does not reduce height of lift.

Heavy duty rope guide ensures positive rope scrolling – designed to prevent “slack rope” conditions - specially selected self-lubricating material.

  • Eliminate slack rope windup
  • Provide positive limit switching

Heavy duty two-speed hoist motor with built in protection against over-heating – fitted externally for improved ventilation and easy access.

Direct drive trolley with flangeless traverse wheels and side rollers for high durability and reduced wear – sealed for life maintenance free bearings in hoist the trolley frame.

Superior load safety - low maintenance long-life hoist brake – acts on the gearbox shaft not motor shaft - mounted externally for improved ventilation and cooling – asbestos free brake linings - automatic braking in the event of power failure.

Heavy duty fan cooled trolley motor.

Easily adjustable overhoisting and overlowing limit switches to suit individual applications.

Better environment protection

Heavyload safety guide

New ergonomic bottom block design for improved safety and handling – sealed for life maintenance free bearing fitted in all sheaves - robust cast aluminium sheave covers – spring loaded safety catch.

High strength galvanised wire ropes for maximum corrosion protection – compact strand structure with improved tensile strength.

IP55 steel electrical control cubicle – quick release plug and socket connections – hours in service meter – phase failure relay protects the hoist against incorrect phase sequence, phases failure and connection to over or under voltage – mechanical over-speed switch for improved operator safety - fully ferruled and identified wiring.

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