PROSYSTEM® Aluminium Light Crane System

is the most advanced workshop crane in the world. It’s unique safety features keep you safe when it matters.
Shared PROSYSTEM® components, such as suspensions, enable easy configuration and installation.

These are the key features that makes PROSYSTEM® Aluminium Light Crane System
the Smarter Alternative with Safety Built-In.

  1. Unique ID Stripes
    • Helps profile identification
    • Accessories fixing stripe
  2. Internal Conductor Bar
    • Compact 5-pole design for 32A feed
    • 16A current collector
    • Modular conductor bar system
    • Compact current collector that enables trolleys’ full movement range
    • Cable from collector goes through push trolley
  3. Safety Wire (optional)
    • Integrated design
    • The wire is located below both runway surfaces
    • Wires are fixed to the end plates
    • For additional safety in case of unexpected overloadings or changes in circumstances
  4. Articulating Suspension for Trolley
    • Flexible articulating suspension that enable smooth movement of bridge
    • Can resist upward forces
    • Shared components with PROSYSTEM®
    • Only one trolley type needed
    • Can be rotated 90° for telescopes when needed
  1. Push Trolley
    • Only one trolley type with multiple features
    • Max. load 600 kg
    • Steel trolley
    • Integrated fixtures for additional features
    • Integrated cable channels for current collector
    • Can resist upward forces
  2. Suspensions
    • Full range of PROSYSTEM® suspensions
  3. Joint
    • Two pieces of connection plates on both sides
    • Only one joint type needed
    • Fast and secure installation
  4. End Plate
    • Functions as an end stopper
      • Bolt stopper as an option
      • Adjustable stopper as an option
    • Fixing of Safety Wire