Case example: Metso Automation Oy

The Finnish valve manufacturer Metso moved from Finland’s capital city Helsinki to new facilities in the neighbouring city of Vantaa at the beginning of 2011. Metso delivers valves all over the world to companies in such fields as oil, gas, process industries and forestry. In the end, a total of 210 bridge and jib cranes were acquired.

A special advantage of ERIKKILA’s equipment proved to be its easy adaptability, thanks to the connection solutions used in the support structures.

This case also proved to be a prime example of customer’s needs and demands and meeting them with cost-efficient solutions. All of the light crane system bridge cranes run on ERIKKILA’s sturdy steel tracks. A large amount of the bridges were aluminium, demanded by the customer: They had been convinced by the light-weight feel of aluminium to be the best. Many workers thanked for the seamlessly working bridge cranes, especially the aluminium ones.

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