PROSYSTEM® Hoist track


PROSYSTEM® Hoist track is a versatile solution for oneway moving and lifting problems up to 1500 kg loads. PROSYSTEM® Hoist track is designed for easy assembly with standard joint connections and suspensions. It can be easily reconfigured to adapt changing conditions.



PROSYSTEM® Hoist track with carrying capacity up to 1250 kg can be equipped with curves. Curves are available as 15°, 30° and 45° which can be freely connected with each other with joint connections. Curves are suspended to roof constructions with standard suspensions.

PROSYSTEM® Hoist track with one curve can be equipped with flat cable electrical equipment. A system with more than one curve is equipped with conductor rail electrical equipment.

Other advanced parts as turn tables, switches and interlocks are also available for PROSYSTEM® Hoist track.

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