SPARTAN® Bridge Cranes

SPARTAN® is a modern machine that combines the easiness of purchasing, installing and usage with ultra high quality. Careful predesigning and standardized components enable short delivery times.

SPARTAN® uses both chain and wire rope hoists. Controlling is done by wireless radio control as a standard. Crane tracks are availble as a Freestanding structure (see picture in right) or installed on existing support consoles. The tracks are always ready for extension, thanks to all-bolt connections.

Cable-free power supply on bridge and tracks makes installation easier and faster.

Easy to purchase!

Buy as separate KIT-modules or as a whole crane system with support columns and installation.

Lifting capacity 1,6 - 10 tonnes, bridge span up to 18 meters.

Radio control

Cable-free power supply

All-bolt connections

Crane controls are wireless radio controls as a standard

 • Thanks to the radio control, the crane user can follow the load accurately and safely.
• Wireless controls helps the load handling and lowering to target area.

Power supply with enclosed conductor bar for bridge and track
• Less moving parts
   - Service-friendly
• No hanging cables
   - Safe especially in low
     headroom spaces
• Fast and simple to install

All joints and connections made with bolts
 • Easy to install
   - No need for welding
 • Crane is easy to re-locate
   and re-install if needed
 • Tracks are easy to

Usage examples:

  • Installing and service
  • Industrial storages and logistic centers
  • Heavy duty vehicle service
  • Deductable work machine in booking (leasing and financing offered)

Fits all work shops and factories that have heavy lifting need.

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