SPARTAN®+ Crane Solutions

SPARTAN®+ cranes are designed to cover all industrial lifting needs. SPARTAN®+ products are: box beam bridge, under running bridge, gantry, and half-gantry cranes.

All SPARTAN®+ bridge cranes are made of box girder bridge nad their lifting capacity ja bridge span are designed accordin to needs all the way up to 200 metric tons and 40 meters width.

SPARTAN®+ are desigend always to the customer's needs with the customer utilizing a crane configurator program. The quotation material includes an exact measurement drawing of the crane fitted in the customer's facility. The cranes are built using mainly stadardized components for fast delivery and good spare part supply.

All cranes are manufactured to EN standards in Europe according to CE requirements. Also available are versatile automated material handling systems.

Several reasons to choose SPARTAN+ Bridge Cranes

  • Efficient high speed travel and hoisting
  • Several optional features available
    • Overload protection, load scale
    • Anti-collission devices
    • Steples inverter controlled travel and hoisting
    • Radio controls and master slave operations of several cranes and hoists
    • Protection for tough environments i.e. heat, humidity, dust, outdoors

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