ERIKKILA Oy has a wide clientele for lifting- and moving products.

Please read the following case examples. If needed, our sales organisation can help with other examples.

Case Metso Automation

The Finnish production and administrative functions for Metso’s industrial valves moved from Helsinki to Vantaa at the beginning of 2011. As a result of the move, more than 800 employees also switched from Roihupelto in Helsinki to Hakkila in Vantaa. The decision to build the new facilities was made in autumn 2009 in the middle of the financial crisis. Construction work began at the beginning of 2010, and the facilty was officially opened on 22 Sep 2011.

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Case Villares Metals

The Finnish branch of Villares Metals International B.V. last year invested in improving the efficiency of its operations. Invesments included the purchase of a SPARTAN crane from ERIKKILA. Branch manager Jarkko Salonen says that, at the end of the day, ERIKKILA was the only possible supplier, as nobody else could provide a similar solution.

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Case ThyssenKrupp

In spring 2011 ThyssenKrupp Aerospace Finland Oy moved to new premises in Jämsänkoski. The new plant provides the opportunity to operate in uniform and sufficiently large facilities. The large factory hall enables the possible expansion of operations, and there is also enough space for three SPARTAN bridge cranes.

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Case Purso

Purso Oy’s aluminium profiles and their refined products are suitable for land, sea and air. ERIKKILA’s equipment is in turn suitable for handling Purso’s products.  All the plant’s automatic racking systems are ERIKKILA products.

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