Metso Automation’s new facilities operating with ERIKKILA lifting equipment

The Finnish production and administrative functions for Metso’s industrial valves moved from Helsinki to Vantaa at the beginning of 2011. As a result of the move, more than 800 employees also switched from Roihupelto in Helsinki to Hakkila in Vantaa. The decision to build the new facilities was made in autumn 2009 in the middle of the financial crisis. Construction work began at the beginning of 2010, and the facilty was officially opened on 22 Sep 2011.

Metso Automation Oy delivers valves all over the world to companies in such fields as oil, gas, process industries and forestry. Thanks to the new facilities, the production process is becoming more efficient and the conditions for the further development of quality and delivery reliability are improving.

The move also provides better opportunities to invest in occupational safety and occupational well-being.
ERIKKILA’s co-operation with Metso Automation at the Hakkila plant began in spring 2011 at the start of the move. This had been preceded by a bidding competition between suppliers, which led to ERIKKALA being selected as the supplier of light crane systems for the new plant.

Most of the equipment from the old plant has already obsolete, so Hakkila needed a large amount of new cranes. In the end, a total of 210 bridge and jib cranes were acquired to reinforce Hakkila’s stock of equipment. About 80% of all cranes were supplied by ERIKKILA.
For ERIKKILA, the project began in February with the installation of more than 30 light bridge cranes for the assembly points in the delivery centre. This was later followed by bridge and column jib cranes for the other assembly areas. For heavier jib cranes, foundations had to be cast before the start of the installation of the equipment. The project lasted eight months. All work had to be seamlessly coordinated with other moving and installation work taking place at the plant. Support teams from ERIKKILA’s Estonian factory were also involved in the crane installation work. In the Metso project, thanks are due to ERIKKILA’s Project Manager for the planning process and the adherence to the timetable. ERIKKILA’s expert overall management of the project should also not be ignored. “The successful completion of ERIKKILA’s crane project, including crane documentation, showed that Metso Automation has selected the right supplier for its light cranes,” says Production Development Engineer, Rauno Kuntsi.

Another special advantage of ERIKKILA’s equipment proved to be its easy adaptability, thanks to the connection solutions used in the support structures. The coordination of the work of many different contractors was very challenging. Two machinery transportation contractors and electrical, HEPAC, compressed air and crane contractors were all working on the site at the same time. Floor surfacing was also being done, but everything took place in complete harmony. In addition to all this, the actual construction of the factory was not yet fully complete when the move was already in full swing. In other words, the factory area was like an ants’ nest in spring. It is understandable that, in places, timetables had to be adjusted to accommodate all parties. “Taking the nature of the factory move into account, the equipment was installed on time either well or at least satisfactorily.  

The tight schedule for moving the machinery presented a challenge, because compressed air and energy were brought in the steel structures of the light cranes when the distance between hall pillars was 25 m,” says Building Manager, Veli Rajala.
Now the lifting equipment has already been operating at full capacity for some time. Both sides have good memories of this massive co-operative project. Rauno Kuntsi sums up his thoughts of ERIKKILA with the sentence: “A suitably large company, which operates with flexibility.”

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