Purso’s profiles stay in order with automatic racking systems

Purso Oy’s aluminium profiles and their refined products are suitable for land, sea and air. ERIKKILA’s equipment is in turn suitable for handling Purso’s products.  All the plant’s automatic racking systems are ERIKKILA products.

Siuro-based Purso makes extruded aluminium profiles and products processed from them, as well as aluminium building systems. Every year, the factory produces about 17,000 tonnes of different aluminium profiles, about 35% of which go for export. There are almost 19,000 different types of profile.  The products are used in almost all fields of industry from construction an electrics to logistics. Purso Oy is also Finland’s largest company in this particular field.

The co-operation between Purso and ERIKKILA began about twenty years ago with the installation of the ROBSYSTEM automatic racking system. The latest project with ERIKKILA is the new ROBSYSTEM racking solution launched at the beginning of 2012 for Purso’s new anodising operations. The automatic racking system helps and streamlines the handling of warehouse goods, enables the optimal use of warehouse space and frees up the employees for other tasks, thus boosting production. Furthermore, all goods are constantly available, with none buried under a pile. Purso uses four ERIKKILA racking systems of different ages. Purso also uses ERIKKILA jib cranes, bridge cranes, semi-gantry cranes and reversible jibs.  The lifting equipment carries products between different production processes and treatments, and when they are being transferred between work stages and intermediate storages. The raw material and finished products thus move through production by means of cranes in many places.

Purso’s Technical Director, Seppo Helin, lists ERIKKILA’s advantages as being its Finnishness and its handy location a relatively short distance away. Because the older items of ERIKKILA equipment are still working faultlessly, a working life of at least twenty years is expected for the latest deliveries. Purso has faith in ERIKKILA and its equipment. Seppo Helin and Production Director, Jukka Lähteenmäki, sum up their experiences of ERIKKILA as positive, mentioning particularly that the company always keeps its promises. They especially appreciate the tailoring of the lifting equipment exactly to suit the needs of the customer. “Co-operation cannot continue so long, unless there is something good in the partner and its equipment,” says Seppo Helin with a glint in his eye.

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