Special aluminium profiles in the grip of SPARTANs

In spring 2011 ThyssenKrupp Aerospace Finland Oy moved to new premises in Jämsänkoski. The new plant provides the opportunity to operate in uniform and sufficiently large facilities. The large factory hall enables the possible expansion of operations, and there is also enough space for three SPARTAN bridge cranes.

Jämsänkoski-based ThyssenKrupp Aerospace Finland Oy’s factory is part of the ThyssenKruppin Aerospace Group. The unit makes parts for the aviation industry, Patria, Kone and Rolls-Royce. The plant is specialised in processing thick materials and materials made of special compounds. Most of the material is different compounds of aluminium, but metals such as titanium and brass are also processed at the plant. The metals reach the plant as sheets, rods, tubes and profiles. 3-4 million kg of sheets pass through every year.

The milling machine at the factory is the largest of its type in the Nordic countries. Once the move from Mänttä to the new facilities had been ensured, the company started looking for suitable crane manufacturers and ended up choosing ERIKKILA.  ERIKKILA’s advantages included being Finnish and having suitable delivery times. The selection was also influenced by insufficient knowledge of the load-bearing capacity of the hall’s wall and roof structures. Because, however, they had precise knowlegde of the strength of the floor, they decided on SPARTAN. The cranes had to be adapted to suit the existing facilities, which can be seen, for example, in the very long spans of the SPARTANs.

The factory currently has three of ERIKKILA’s SPARTAN bridge cranes. Each so-called key machine thus has its own crane, which moves the raw material for the machine to process. 80-90% of the material used is aluminium. Most of the activity is the processing of sheet metal. SPARTAN lifts the sheets onto the saws and the top-milling and water-cutting machines by means of suction cups.  The sizes of the sheets vary to some extent, but in practice they are always so large that moving manually is not possible or sensible.

The SPARTAN bridge cranes were equipped with compressed air cables and power supply reels so that the existing grabs could be used.  

”The use of brige cranes together with suction cups has made it possible for the machine operator to perform all tasks independently,” says Operations Manager, Toni Mikkola. The suction cup crane is also very gentle with the materials, as it doesn’t scratch or dent the sheets. The bolt connections used in the cranes’ structures make installation easy. The connections also guarantee the correct position of the tracks and provide the opportunity to connect extension parts to the whole, if necessary.
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