Steel at the Finnish branch of Villares Metals International B.V. is moved by SPARTANs

The Finnish branch of Villares Metals International B.V. last year invested in improving the efficiency of its operations. Invesments included the purchase of a SPARTAN crane from ERIKKILA. Branch manager Jarkko Salonen says that, at the end of the day, ERIKKILA was the only possible supplier, as nobody else could provide a similar solution.

The Finnish branch of Villares Metals International B.V situated at Juvanmalmi in Espoo is part of the Villares Metals International B.V. Group. The company delivers 1,400-1,500 tonnes of stainless steel and special steel per year, more than 400 tonnes of which is steel plate and 600 tonnes round steel. Its selection also includes angle iron, square bar iron, hexagonal bar iron and hollow bars. The company cuts the material into sizes requested by the customer from pieces just a few millimetres thick to pieces several metres thick. Villares’ customer base mainly comprises companies operating in the field of engineering. Its most important customers include Metso, Andritz, Aikawa Group and Sulzer Pumps.  On average it handles 15-20 orders per day, and deals with about 300 customers annually.

A year ago, Villares invested in improving the efficiency of its operations. It bought new sawing lines for cutting the steel, but in order to adapt the new saws to the hall the company had to make changes in terms of the use of space.

The transfer of material between the sawing lines and the warehouse previously took place using forklift trucks, but a more efficient and safer solution was needed. The hall’s weak wall structures prevented the installation of fixed lifting equipment, and the available space was also limited. SPARTAN was therefore the perfect solution. SPARTAN was chosen based on its features, as nobody else could offer a similar solution to the problem. SPARTAN stands on its own feet and can be moved when the need arises, thanks to its modularity. Because of the crane, the full use of capacity as detailed in the investment plan was achieved.

Previously, the saws were in parallel, and there had to be enough space between them for forklift truck traffic. Now the sawing lines can be continuous and there does not need to be any unnecessary space between them.  Jarkko Salonen also says that SPARTAN is “a good concept that suits our environment.”  They are also satisfied with the maintenance service that ERIKKILA provides.  Whenever the need arises, somebody comes to service and repair the equipment in good time.

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