The objective of KITO ERIKKILA's safety policy is to support the company's business operations and to ensure their smooth continuation within the scope of the company's values including the safety of people, property, data, reputation and the environment. The safety operations and risk management underpin the realisation of KITO ERIKKILA's objectives and is an established part of its business.

Safety is part of the company's quality system and produces added value to the customers as well.


KITO ERIKKILA's company management and managers carry the main responsibility for developing and maintaining the safety operations and ensuring up-to-date response as well as safeguarding the operating conditions.

We commit to providing our staff, cooperation partners and guests a safe and healthy working environment.

Every KITO ERIKKILA employee has the right to return home to their families healthy after a workday. No work or duty is so important that this could not be ensured.

Safety is improved through long-term and preventative actions. A person named for the duty is responsible for developing internal safety.

Every KITO ERIKKILA employee is responsible for safety and security in their own duties and working environment, the safe execution of their tasks and following the safety instructions. Every employee also has the duty to inform and take action when observing safety risks in any of the company's departments or operations.

Induction and training

In addition to all the shared responsibilities, managers also have the duty to introduce the company's safety guidelines to staff members, the responsibility to manage safe working methods and the obligation to supervise the observation of the guidelines.

We acquaint our employees with their work duties and equipment and ensure through guidance and training that we can produce our products and services correctly and safely.

Risk assessment

We document risk assessments, accidents and near misses into a management group tool to promote safety.  Incident are handled on a management group level when necessary and measures are taken in accordance with the safety process and by the named responsible people. KITO ERIKKILA utilises processes and tools determined by the management group to achieve as quick and precise collection of data as possible.

Supervision and monitoring

We set annual objectives for the development and continuous improvement of safety, which we pursue together using our agreed measures. The attainment of the objectives is monitored regularly based on agreed indicators.

The realisation and level of the safety operations is supervised internally in daily activities.

We adhere to the law and authority regulations, insurance companies' guidelines and ethical values in all our operations.