10 high quality and compatible enclosed profiles 4 steel profiles + 6 aluminium profiles = 1 complete crane system for all user requirements

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Steel Profiles Loading up to 2000 KG

Standard max. profile length is 8 m The best weight carrying capacity ratio in the world - ensures maximised suspension distances – savings in supporting structures, suspensions and installation. Surface: Profiles have high quality and impact resistant powder coating. Colour: Surface and colour options can be adjusted according to customers’ needs and according to the RAL code provided by the customer.

Aluminium Profiles loading up to 1000 KG

Aluminium profiles are made of high quality anodised aluminium. Aluminium profiles are characterised by their intelligent profile geometry: unique ID stripes help profile identification and installation.


Steel Profiles

Profile 200 200R 260 260R
Profile height (MM) 200 200 260 260
Profile width (MM) 108 108 108 108
Weight (KG/M) 18,0 - 21,8 -
Internal conductor rail - -
Wy 93 93 149 149
ly 9130 9130 19180 19180


Aluminium Profiles

Profile 2/105 3/140 4/180 4/180R 5/220 5/220
Profile height (MM) 105 140 180 180 220 220
Profile width (MM) 96 100 100 100 100 100
Weight (KG/M) 5,1 7,6 9,4 - 10,8 -
Internal conductor rail - - - -
Wy 47 91 142 142 198 198
ly 2540 6500 13300 13300 21900 21900

Unique Steel Profile Joint

Chamber tubes and square nuts guide the profiles together. Travel surface is precise and trolley travels smoothly through joints with all loads. Conical joints are easy and fast to install. You use up to 30 percent less installation time per joint and the alignment has lifetime guarantee*. Conical joint has unisex fitting and it enables installation also in narrow spaces when profiles do not need to be turned around. The unisex joint removes the need to fit male/female cones and guarantees that next track joints do not cause problems. Squared nuts enable one tool installation. No special tooling is needed and power tools can be used. Bolt is equipped with tuflock locking material to preserve tightening torque.

*Crane service plan and warranty terms must be fulfilled.

Joint Aluminium Profiles

The aluminium profile joint consists of two connection plates with bolts on both sides of the profile. This enables a fast and secure installation.

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Light Cranes


Light Cranes


Light Cranes


Light Cranes

We provide tailored solutions for the most challenging lifting needs.

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Single and Double Girder


Single and Double Girder

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