Electrical solutions

Sophisticated and light internal conductor rail

The aluminium profiles 4/180R and 5/220R and steel profiles S200 and S260 can be equipped with an internal conductor rail to maximise the crane’s coverage. Inside the profile, the power supply is safe from external exposures, allowing full trolley and bridge movements without hanging cables. The internal conductor rail can also be used in curved profiles.

The steel profiles have a small bend in the profile that supports the internal conductor rail. Clips together with a screw drilled through a marked line in the profile secure it in place. The aluminium profiles have a small shelf inside the profile that supports the internal conductor rail. A screw drilled through the profile secures the internal conductor rail.

Because the trolley has low construction, installing a current collector for the internal conductor rail above the trolley is possible. This way, the current collector doesn’t restrict the trolley’s range of movement.

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