Push Trolleys

Push Trolleys are used to lift and transport items across the crane. We offer different push trolleys for each profile. Trolleys can also be enhanced with power movements. We have strict tolerances and quality requirements for our wheels to ensure the smooth rolling. High quality and maintenance free bearings are an important part of our system.

For Push Trolleys

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Push trolley for steel profiles

The patented trolley is almost silent and its rolling resistance is minimal. The trolley body is steel. Maximum loading per trolley is 800 kg. Various trolley combinations enable loading up to 2000 kg per system. The push trolley has an integrated rubber buffer to both directions. The push trolley with support wheels can also resist upwards forces.

Push trolley for aluminium profiles

The push trolley for aluminium profiles is light moving and almost silent. The trolley has a steel body and its wheels can resist upwards forces. Maximum load for single trolley is 600 kg. Diverse trolley combinations enable loadings up to 1000 kg per system. Push trolley has integrated rubber puffer on both directions.

Safety with overload indicator

As standard, steel profile systems are equipped with unique and patented overload indicator installed on the push trolley. It indicates profile opening if overloaded.


Basic Elements


Push Trolleys


Powered Movements

Support Structure

Freestanding Support Frames

Articulated Suspension


We provide tailored solutions for your toughest moving and lifting challenges.

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