Tailoring your crane

With the advanced parts of PROSYSTEM Light Crane System even the most challenging lifting and moving requirements can be fulfilled.


The Switch enables connection of two hoist tracks with each other. The maximum load of a switch is 1250 kg. It is available as manually, electrically or pneumatic operated.


The turntable enables connection of several hoist tracks with each other. The maximum loading of a turntable is 1250 kg. It is available as electrically or pneumatic operated.

Telescopic Crane

With the help of a telescopic crane the outreach of the crane can be expanded outside the crane track.

Track Lock

With track lock the load can be transported from a light crane bridge to a hoist track. Track lock is electrically operated and automatically positioned.


Basic Elements


Push Trolleys


Powered Movements

Support Structure

Freestanding Support Frames

Articulated Suspension

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