Portal Cranes

Mobile and efficient

Our Portal Cranes

  • Easy to move from one place to another*
  • Available in four different lifting capacities
  • Available in two standard power supply options
  • Excellent combination of robustness and lightness


  • Easy to move and lock in place*
  • One power supply plug, no loose cables
  • Compact and easy to install universal brackets for leg and girder connections
  • High-quality swivel casters
  • Locks on all wheels secure the portal crane in its‘ place

*The portal crane must not be moved with a load

Portal cranes

 Portal cranes can be used in various settings, from factories to warehouses to construction sites. They can be used to move materials and equipment, as well as to load and unload trucks and containers. The Prosystem Portal crane is easy to move from one place to another and contributes towards achieving optimum utilisation of the available space. It’s a flexible and ergonomic solution for different lifting needs when there is no need for a stationary crane.

Security & Stability

Portal cranes are easy to operate and require minimal training.

The Prosystem Portal Crane has steel legs and an aluminium girder, giving it an excellent combination of robustness and lightness with a simple yet innovative design. High-quality swivel casters make the portal crane easy to move and lock safely in place. The portal crane has four lifting capacities (125 kg/ 250 kg/ 500 kg/ 1 000 kg) and is available in two girder designs to fit your purpose best.


Two standard power supply options are available; flat cable and internal conductor rail. The internal conductor rail allows maximum trolley movement and has no loose, hanging cables.

  • Modular design
  • Single girder max 500 kg
  • Double girder max 1000 kg
  • Powersupply: flat cable / internal conductor rail
  • Max width 6 m
  • Inside height 3100 mm-3200 mm

Our Solutions

Single girder

with internal conductor rail, KITO EQ hoist

Double girder

with internal conductor rail, KITO EQ hoist

Single girder

with flat cable,
KITO EQ hoist

Double girder

with flat cable,
KITO EQ hoist

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