Benefits of the PROSYSTEM® Freestanding Support Frames
Applies to PROSYSTEM Light Crane System

Move it, resize it, reuse it.

Reinvent YOUR PRODUCTION with our standardized freestanding cranes.

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PROSYSTEM® Freestanding support frames are designed for locations where the ceiling cannot carry the crane load. They are also a perfect solution for cases where there is a need to reposition the cranes to allow changes in layout. Frames are produced on the same production line as the profiles ensuring concurrent delivery time.

  • Leave the building intact install PROSYSTEM supported from floor
  • Easy to install
    • No need for welding
    • All joints and connections made with bolts
  • Crane is easy to relocate and reinstall if needed
  • Tracks are easy to continue
  • Mix different type of suspensions
    • Easy to combine all types of suspension in one system.
  • Hang supporting devices and jib from PROSYSTEM® Freestanding support frames

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