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Our Jib Cranes

  • Are a safe, modifiable, and economic solution for various lifting needs
  • Increase productivity by shortening production and waiting times
  • Allow fast and safe load handling
  • Maximize work efficiency while enhancing safety through ergonomic design


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Can be re-mounted if factory layout changes
  • Load capacity of up to 1500 kg
  • Can be mounted on a wall or used on a column

Benefits of

jib cranes

Personal workstation crane increases productivity in production, assembly and maintenance by shortening production and waiting times. PROSYSTEM light crane system is safe, modifiable and overall economic. It brings ergonomics and quality to the work environment. The crane can be mounted on a wall or used on a column. It has a wide range of standard suspensions and can be moved around. Accurate and fast load handling with PROSYSTEM jib cranes.

Security & Stability

  • Ergonomics and quality to the work environment
  • Functionally designed for efficient working
  • Secure and comfortable handling of the load
  • Can be equipped with slewing limitors securing the defined working areas
  • Can be equipped with an internal conductor rail maximizing the crane’s coverage.
  • Internal conductor rail gives extra security - no hanging cables


  • Made of high-quality anodized aluminium or steel profiles with an excellent weight-carrying capacity ratio.
  • Colour options of the steel profiles can be adjusted according to a RAL code
  • Push trolleys minimize the rolling resistance and ensure light movements

Your Challenge

Our Solutions

Wall mounted
Jib Cranes


Column mounted
Jib Cranes

Light to use

Low Headroom
Jib Cranes

Easy and Simple


Basic Elements


Push Trolleys



Powered Movements

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