Advanced light crane system
of Steel and Aluminium

Benefits of the PROSYSTEM light crane system

  • Easy to operate and boosts productivity
  • Easy to install and move to a new workspace if necessary
  • Operating the light crane system requires very little strength, which makes working safe and ergonomic
  • Smooth transfer of loads
  • Light own weight and maximal suspension distances
  • Its enclosed profile construction protects against dust exposure
  • Has a self-centering push trolley that minimizes the swinging of the load


  • The modular PROSYSTEM light crane system can be integrated into various production lines in various industries
  • It can be fully customized according to your needs
  • The light crane system is mounted to the ceiling construction or bolted to the floor with freestanding support frames.
  • All connections are bolt connections making the system easy to install

A perfect union of

Steel and Aluminium

Connection Plates with Bolts in Joints of Aluminium Profiles ensure fast and secure Installation

Articulated link suspension for trolley enables smooth movement of bridge.

Aluminium profiles with brilliant profile geometry and unique identification stripes.

End plates also function as end stoppers. Bolt stopper and adjustable stopper are available as options.

Advanced internal conductor rail (ICR) guarantees smooth movement of the trolley. Aluminium profiles 4/180R and 5/220R and steel profiles 200R and 260R are equipped with an IRC as standard.

Push trolley for steel profiles minimises rolling resistance. Max. loading 800 kg, steel body, integrated buffers.

Unique joints with chamfer tubes and square nuts guide steel profiles together.

Push trolley for aluminium profiles ensures top light movements. Max. loading 600 kg, steel body, integrated buffers, can take upward force.

Optimised steel profiles with the best weight-carrying capacity ratio in the world.

PROSYSTEM light crane system includes various types of standard suspensions to mount the crane to the ceiling construction. The articulation ensures light and ergonomic usage of the system.

Your Challenge

Our Solutions


Also available with curves


Single and Double Girder




Basic Elements


Push Trolleys


Powered Movements

Support Structure

Freestanding Support Frames

Articulated Suspension


We provide tailored solutions for your toughest moving and lifting challenges.

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