High-quality closed profiles of steel and aluminium
equals a light crane solution for all lifting needs.

By combining steel and aluminium profiles, a perfectly optimised solution can be found for even the most challenging lifting needs.

Steel Profiles for crane rated capacities up to 2000 kg

The steel profiles come in four sizes, P125, S140, S200 and S260 and are made of high-tensile steel, which allows higher stresses and bigger suspension loads. The steel profiles allow 300 kg upward forces when equipped with an SW trolley. The profiles have a world-class weight–load carrying capacity ratio. All profiles are rolled from one metal sheet to precise tolerances. Each profile's cambering and opening are measured to ensure the highest quality. The S200 and S260 profiles can be equipped with an internal conductor rail (ICR).

Aluminium Profiles for crane rated capacities loading up to 1000 kg

Aluminium profiles come in four sizes, Alu 2/105, Alu 3/140, Alu 4/180 and Alu 5/220 and are made of high-quality anodised aluminium. They have outstanding geometry and can take up to 500 kg upward forces with a standard trolley. The profiles allow smooth and light operation of the hoist and bridge. The profiles have unique ID stripes to help with identification and installation. Alu 4/180 and Alu 5/220 can be equipped with an internal conductor rail (ICR).

Steel Profiles

Profile P125 S140 S200 S200 ICR S260 S260 ICR
Profile height (MM) 125 140 194 194 254 254
Profile width (MM) 64 100 108 108 108 108
Weight (KG/M) 8,2 12,8 18,1 19,0 22,0 22,9
Internal conductor rail - - - -

Aluminium Profiles

Profile 2/105 3/140 4/180 4/180R 5/220 5/220
Profile height (MM) 105 140 180 180 220 220
Profile width (MM) 100 100 100 100 100 100
Weight (KG/M) 5,1 7,6 9,4 10,2 10,8 11,6
Internal conductor rail - - - -

Unique Steel Profile Joint

Chamfered connection tubes are easy and fast to install and ensure lifetime alignment without adjustments. No alignment tools or measurements are needed to connect the profiles. The connection mechanism allows easy installation even in narrow spaces. The perfectly aligned profile joints allow a smooth and quiet trolley ride over the joint, making the trolley light and easy to move. The profile can be installed in both directions and does not need to be flipped to connect the joint. The design makes the joint fast and easy to install.

Joint sets for Aluminium Profiles

The aluminium profile joint consists of two connection plates with bolts on both profile sides. This enables a fast and secure installation and a smooth trolley ride over the joint. There are two joint set sizes, for 500 kg rated capacity or less with four bolts and over 500 kg rated capacity with eight bolts per joint set.

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We provide tailored solutions for the most challenging lifting needs.

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